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Hello, And welcome to Clip-Chain e-Shop in, 


Here, I am going to explain for you what is a Clip Chain Basics Finder System and why it is; 


100% Free 


100% Ecologic 


The most Efficient


The most Durable


And the most convenient Basics-Finder System ever made. 



The Clip-Chain basics finder system is a very simple invention, it is basically a easy detachable key-chain developed to be fasten to any wallet mobile case, and with this, the user of a Clip-Chain can have together their most important basics items together, everything in one object.  Anyone that uses a Clip-Chain can find their basics simply calling their own mobile phone, using a land line, an old mobile phone, internet calling apps like Skype, and if you have one of those moderns smart phones, you can even track it using GPS apps just like find my Iphone. and when your mobile phone rings, you find your basics and you are ready to go.


This is definitely the most convenient way to find your basics, no software to learn, no bluetooth connection required, just a simple call.  



And the pick up technology used even in the most old mobile phone, is far better than any key-finder could ever dream. And this is why that the Clip-Chain basics finder system is definitely the most efficient basics finder system ever made.


And, since the Clip-Chain is a detachable Key-Chain that is fasten to a wallet mobile case allowing you to use your mobile phone to find your basics, the basics finder doesn’t exist physically.  No environment resources are used to give you a Basics-Finder, and it makes the Clip-Chain basics finder system the only Basics finder system that is ?


Yes, 100% ecologic and 100% free, because the basics finder doesn’t exists fiscally.


And to make the Clip-Chain basics finder system even better,  the Clip-Chain is also the most durable, very strong and reusable. Any time you upgrade your mobile phone, you just need to buy a new case that fits it, and reinstall your old Clip-Chain on it. 


See, it is true, the Clip-Chain is 100% free, 100% ecological, the most efficient, the most durable and the most convenient basics finder ever produced


But all of it, would not be so incredible if Ricoolab would not make the Clip-Chain basics finder system an open source project for pour people and families around the world.


Exactly, soon, we are going to be producing videos to teach pour families how to make a very simple Clip-Chain, and with that we expect to help millions of pour people and families to increase their incomes with no onus. They will keep all profits of their own production. And we are even going to help them to sell it in their city advertising their self made Clip-Chain in our web page. (Production in large scale are forbidden, just pour individuals and families are accepted in this project. )


To know better about the open source project / click here.


In other words, when you buy a Clip-Chain basics finder system with Ricoolab, you are buying the only 100% free, 100% ecological, the most efficient, the most durable and the most convenient basics finder ever produced, in the same time that you are helping Ricoolab to increase the income of millions of pour families around the globe.


15 days money back guarantee and one year limited guarantee for defected pieces. 


Any further questions, please click / here.


Thank you very much for your interest in our company and products, and 


Welcome to Ricoolab.






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