The most efficient key-finder can also be cheap.

Hello, and thank you very much for your interest in our company;Here, I am going to present you our company, talking about our story, philosophy and standards, and why Ricoolab was created to offer you much more than the best and the most cheap Key-Finder ever invented


When I decided to create my own company, I wanted to develop the most perfect company ever made. A company that would not just care about its costumers, but a company that would try to care about all world, that would take social responsibilities to the maximum. And today I am proud to present the company I created, the Ricoolab.


Ricoolab, is very young but very innovative company, and in our goals, we want also to create new job opportunities to increase the income of poor families around the world.

To make it possible, Ricoolab invests all its strength  in researching and development of the most ecological, less expensive, efficient, durable, convenient, and easy manufacturable products. Focusing the engineering of a product that will achieve the most higher level of costumer satisfaction, in the same time that it’s simple manufacturing process make possible for poor families around the world to, produce, and to sell it in their city, keeping all profits of their own production to increase their familiar income.


But it is also important for Ricoolab to mention, that it doesn’t mean that any product from Ricoolab is free to be produced by anyone. Ricoolab still keeps the rights of its inventions, and other companies should respect it.  And even those poor families are forbidden to employ other people or even to build a little company to produce our products. With this mesure, Ricoolab expects to leave place for so many poor families as possible to be part of this project.


And all of it  means that when you buy any product with Ricoolab, you can be sure that you are buying the best product ever made and the most ecological answer for your need in the same time that you are helping Ricoolab in its higher purpose, that is to invest in researching and development of new products that are going to create millions of self employment opportunities in poor countries.


And the most important, Ricoolab will also teach how to manufacture a very simple version of our products, and will help those families to sell their products in our website, for free.


Well, I hope that this little introduction of our company was a good start to show you our companies philosophy, but be free to write for us anytime, I will be answering every question you may have as quick as possible. And if you would like to join us in our work, in our website menu you are going to find many ways to support and be part of our company. 


For now, I would like to invite you to meet the Clip-Chain basics finder system, that is a great example of what Ricoolab will always bring for you, and for the world we share. 


Thank you again for your interest in our company 


And welcome to Ricoolab.


Ricardo Porto.

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