The most ecological Key-Finder ever invented.



The best Basics-Finder system ever made is FREE?


The clip-chain is basically a new set-up of mobile phone, wallet and keys, binding these three into one group.

With Clip-Chain, you just need to call your mobile from a land line or internet to find your basics.

     *100% FREE Basics-finder System !                      

     *100% Ecological Key-Finder !! No waisting of environment resources ! 

     *The most efficient ! 

     * The most durable ! 

     * The most covenient to use! 

Even our packaging is intelligent and ecological! With any buy of a Clip-Chain you receive a high quality waterproof case to protect your basics as packaging. 

And it means, no waste of money & natural resources.


 - Not efficient enough.

 - Waisting of environmental resources

 - Expensive

 - Bluethooth Conection failure is eminent

 - Some Key-Finders are made to last 6 months

 - Upgradable?? Nobody knows.

 - No Key-FInder has real GPS tracker. 

Clip-Chain Basics-FInder System!!

The most efficient way to find your basics

100% Ecological Basics-Finder System

2 x Virtual / Free Key-Finder System

No software, no connection, just a simple call.

Durable, reusable, reliable.

Use GPS tracker from phone.


You don't need anymore buy two electronic Key-Finders to find your keys and wallet.

You just need a Clip-Chain Basics-Finder System, call your mobile and find all your basics.


If you want to enjoy all possibilities of a Clip-Chain, choose our Basics-Finder System in our E-Shop. A special and selected wallet case for your mobile, with the Clip-Chain you like is ready and waiting for you there. 



Doesn't matter what mobile phone you have, anyone can have a Basics-Finder System.

you just need a wallet mobile case for your mobile phone, and two minutes to install your Clip-Chain. It is really easy, check it out in: 

 "How to videos" 


Ok, you have already a key-chain and a case that you really love! No probs, You can have a Heart Connector with free installation kit,  and in two minutes, you can have your Basic-Finder System. 

Check it out, it is easy beasy.

"How to videos"


   Why would you use a Clip-Chain Basics Finder System, insted a conventional Key-finder?


Firstly, you would need to expend extra €40,00 to buy 2 key-finders, one for your wallet and one for your keys. And even so, it would not be so efficient as our system. The Clip-Chain Basics Finder System uses your mobile phone to find your keys and basic documents, and the technology implemented even in the oldest mobile phone is many times better than any top modern key-finder in the market. And because that a Heart-Connector, a Clip-Chain or the Basic-Finder-System, can be the simplest answer, but it is surly the most efficient. And the Clip-Chain basics finder system is 100% FREE and 100% ECOLOGICAL, because it is basically a new set-up of your key-chain, wallet and telephone and those you need anyway. (No physical Key-Finder needed).



14 days money back guarantee.

Guarantee of 1 year for repairing.


Ps:. Most of the Key-Finders in the market are made to last for just 6 months. 


Contact us anytime for any further questions.

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